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                SCHNEIDER Authorized

                HP-MVnex?Medium Voltage Metal-clad Switchgear
                FOX?SF6 Gas Insulated Ring Network Cabinet

                About LSE

                Harbin Langsung Electric Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Langsung”) was founded in March, 2005, it was successfully listed on China’s New OTC Market (stock code: 831593) in 2014 right after ten years of effort and development. Langsung is an Electric Group integrated with an?industry chain?of the R&D of intelligent electrical technology, manufacturing of the intelligent electrical products, the general?design and installation of Power engineering and the operation & maintenance service on electrical equipment, the development of new energy technology. There are five branches set up under Langsung, Heilongjiang Bright Hi-tech Development Co., Ltd,Harbin OPT Electric Co., Ltd,Harbin Rui Xing Transformer Manufacturing Co., Ltd, Harbin Rui Xing Da Logistic Co., Ltd and Langsung Electric Tanzania Limited Company.?
                Scope of?Business:the manufacturing of HV, LV electrical equipment assemblies,power engineering consultant service;energy-saving technology promotion service, complete import & export business qualifications,General Contracting license Level III for Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Contracting license Level V for installation, maintenance, commissioning of power facilities. Especially, main products of KYN28A-12 HV Metal-clad With drawable Centrally Installed Switchgear, ZBW-12 Prefabricated Compact Substation, BM6 PLUS have been awarded as Harbin Famous Products, annual production capacity is 500 million RMB. Products are exported to the places all over the world like Africa, Eastern Europe, South East Asia. The products and service with high quality have been widely acclaimed within the same industry,have been praised everywhere.
                The structure of Langsung is complete with scientific setting of the resources, there are five functional management departments, Marketing Management Center, Administrative Management Center, Financial Management Center, Technology R&D Center, Production Management Center etc., established Enterprise ERP Information Management System, to realize the full adjustment from strategy management procedure to human resources management procedure then to business management procedure. Langsung has a high quality professional R&D team with dozens of technical R&D employees with senior and junior professional titles, successively obtained 54 items of national patents,many of the research results have been listed as national or provincial new research results. HV-ATSE-12 series of Medium Voltage Dual-Supply Automatic Quick Switch and LV-ATSE series of Low Voltage Dual-Supply Automatic Quick Switch researched and developed independently by Langsung filled the technical blanks of the industry at home and abroad. Facing with the complicated market competition at home and abroad, Langsung Electric jointly established HIT-Langsung Electric Technology Joint R&D Center with Harbin Institute of Technology, meanwhile, Langsung signed the strategic partnership contract for electrical technology with Harbin University of Science and Technology and Schneider Electric- China company limited. In 2015, Langsung became the authorized partnership company for manufacturing Schneider’s LV switchgear BM6 Plus and the first authorized company in China for its remote operation & maintenance serviceFacilityMost, which reinforced the technicalR&D strength of the company and the capacity for conversion from the achievements of scientific research into industrialization.?
                Langsung won the prize and honorary titles in succession,National High-Tech Enterprise, Heilongjiang Quality Award,Harbin Excellent Credit of Small and Medium Enterprise,Harbin Intelligent Power Transmission & Distribution Engineering Technology Research Center, China Enterprise Confederation Grade?AAA?Credit?Enterprise,Honoring?Contracts?&?Trustworthy?Enterprise,Tax-paying Credit Grade A, ?passed the certification of ISO 9001 international quality management system and IS014001 Environmental Management System etc., Langsung set up an internship base for the university students in Harbin paying back the favors received from the society.
                Langsung Electric adheres to the operation principle of “Integrity as foundation, innovation for growth” and sticks to the product concept of “the spirit of craftsmanship, Lean Production”, pursues and strives constantly for the top notch service and products in the international market. Langsung stays true to the mission taken up many years ago and makes progress with employees and society.

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                Welcome to Langsung Electric