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Production Specification
Our production equipment includes a highly advanced, fully automated vacuum emulsifying machine. Processing takes place in totally hygienic and dust-free working conditions. Raw materials are monitored via our computerized management network; this was established to standardize each item's production process and, in so doing, keep errors at an absolute minimum.

Quality Control
All quality control procedures at Polaroisin are fully integrated. We use the latest analyzing equipment and methods for chemical analysis and microscope tests. This ensures that our products retain their shape and form for longer. Furthermore, each stage of testing is assigned to a specialist member of staff, which allows us to repeatedly check the specifications and standards of each production process. This serves to eradicate the potential for faults and errors.

Research & Development
Polaroisin understands the central importance of thorough R&D to a product's competitiveness. R&D is the key to our cosmetics' conception, development and growth; that's why we invest so much time, effort and money in it. When developing new products, our R&D team incorporates the latest advances in dermatology and cosmetology. This allows us to provide customers with the newest, most fashionable and most marketable products.

ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Certification
ISO is recognized as the world's most authoritative, most exacting quality inspection body, so all aspects of our company's operations are integrated in line with ISO standards. Following thorough ISO assessment and checks, Polaroisin received ISO9001 certification in 2004.

All customer transactions are thoroughly evaluated; we assess how well the company fulfilled its responsibilities in areas such as product quality, delivery time and order quantity. We are determined to never be complacent, so constantly work to improve each and every area of the company. The ultimate aim is that all Polaroisin products and services meet with the customer’s total satisfaction.