Here at Homeart Worldwide, we specialize in K/D furniture that brings a touch of art to the home. With over 20 years of export experience and 30- plus years' K/D furniture specialization, we offer buyers unrivaled market knowledge. Our product range contains over 3,000 different designs; these include shelving units, coffee and end tables, beds, dinettes and serving carts. Materials used include high quality metal, wood and glass; production takes place in Taiwan, mainland China and Vietnam. We export widely to markets such as Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain and the USA. Full color catalogs and price estimates on request; we also welcome visits to our office and showroom at Taipei's World Trade Center.

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Coffee Table (9)
83326  Coffee Table
83322  Coffee Table
83328  Coffee Table
83330  Coffee Table
83311  Rectangle Coffee Table
83298  Kidney Coffee Table
83290  Oval Coffee Table
83289  Coffee Table
83191  Oval Coffee Table
DS02 Men's Valet Stand (6)
83268  Men's Valet
83397  Men's Valet
83187  Men's Valet
83000  Men's Valet
83186  Men's Valet
83001  Men's Valet
DS03 TV Stand (6)
83351  TV / DVD Stand
83348-S  TV / DVD Stand
83338  TV / DVD Stand
83103-SL  3-Tier TV Stand
83267  TV / DVD Stand
83244  TV Stand
DS04 Wine Serving Cart (4)
83595-CR+BKG  Service Trolley
83384  Service Trolley
83309  Serving Cart
83308  Serving Cart
DS05 Floor Mirror (2)
20685  Wooden Mirror
20124-W  Wooden Mirror
DS06 Bar Stool (2)
83387  Adjustable Bar Stool
83312  Bar Stool
DS07 Coat & Hat Stand (2)
82643  Coat Hanger
82522  Coat Stand
DS08 Room Divider (2)
20086-W  3-Panel Wooden Divider
20086-BK  3-Panel Wooden Divider
DS09 Computer Table (2)
83428  Computer Desk
83433  Computer Desk
DS10 Computer Chair (1)
86401  Office Chair with Arms
DS11 Bar Counter (1)
83310  Bar Table
DS12 Office Cabinet (1)
83395-4  4-Drawer Trolley
DS13 Storage Cart (1)
83299  Wheeled Stand
DS14 Rocking Chair (1)
20048-O-F8  Bentwood Rocking Chair