We produce table coverings in all sorts of sizes, patterns and materials, as brilliantly shown by this product display. Our polyester models come with printed and crochet embroidery designs; the vinyl models include vinyl lace, vinyl long lace, vinyl embossed and vinyl crochet. We also produce printed EVA tablecloths with non-slip backing. The stylish table runner on display here is a vinyl crochet long lace model. PVC placemats are also featured. All Niann Yih products make use of eco-friendly materials and are made to meet high quality standards.

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Tablecloth (Polyester) (46)
AP27984  Polyester Embroidery Crochet Tablecloth
AB294812010.02.24  Polyester Embroidery Table Promotion set
AA29088  Polyester Embroidery Tablecloth
282  Polyester Crochet Embroidery Tablecloth
FP21098  Polyester Crochet Embroidery Tablecloth
FP13284  Polyester Crochet Embroidery Tablecloth
FP13043A  Polyester Crochet Embroidery Tablecloth
AT28373  Polyester Crochet Traditional Embroidery Tablecloth
AT28369  Polyester Crochet Traditional Embroidery Tablecloth
AP28952  Polyester Crochet Embroidery Tablecloth
AP28537  Polyester Crochet Embroidery Tablecloth
AP28421  Polyester Crochet Embroidery Tablecloth
AP28414  Polyester Crochet Embroidery Tablecloth
AP27831  Polyester Crochet Embroidery Tablecloth
AH28785  Polyester Crochet Embroidery Tablecloth
AH28039  Polyester Crochet Embroidery Tablecloth
TR-43-1  Polyester print Tablecloth
TR-46  Polyester Tablecloth
TR-42  Polyester Tablecloth
TR-45  Polyester Tablecloth
TR-41  Polyester Tablecloth
TR-40  Polyester Tablecloth
TR-34-2  Polyester print Tablecloth
TR-44  Polyester Print Tablecloth
TR-39  Polyester Print Tablecloth
TR-32  Polyester Print Tablecloth
TR-22  Polyester Print Tablecloth
TR-26  Polyester Print Tablecloth
TR-25  Polyester Print Tablecloth
TR-10  Polyester Print Tablecloth
TR-4  Polyester Print Tablecloth
TR-2  Polyester Print Tablecloth
TR-1  Polyester Print Tablecloth
TG-005  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
TG-A095  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
TG-A094-1  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
TG-A093  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
TG-A088  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
TG-A086  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
TG-A085  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
TG-A083-2  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
TG-A083-1  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
TG-A082-2  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
TG-A082-1  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
TG-A081-1  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
TG-A078-2  Polyester Color Weave Tablecloth with Gold Line
DS02 Tablecloth (17)
R008  Polyester Embroidery Tablecloth
FA18055  Polyester Embroidery Tablecloth
AP29854(Y)  Polyester Embroidery Tablecloth
AP-29213  Polyester Embroidery Crochet Tablecloth
AP-29196  Polyester Embroidery Tablecloth
AP-29178  Polyester Embroidery Tablecloth
AP-29177  Polyester Embroidery Crochet Tablecloth
AP29171  Polyester Embroidery Tablecloth
AP29170  Polyester Embroidery Tablecloth
AP29167  Polyester Embroidery Crochet Tablecloth
AP28417  Polyester Crochet Embroidery Tablecloth
AP27992-2  Polyester Embroidery Crochet Tablecloth
AP22894  Polyester Embroidery Crochet Tablecloth
AH29050  Polyester Embroidery Tablecloth
AH28155  Polyester Embroidery Crochet Tablecloth
AG29840  Polyester Embroidery Tablecloth
AG29839  Polyester Embroidery Crochet Tablecloth
DS03 Placemat (9)
727AB-Violet  Vinyl Embossed Placemats
727AB-brown  Vinyl Embossed Placemats
704AB-grape  Vinyl Embossed Placemats
704AB-brown  Vinyl Embossed Placemats
703AB-yellow  Vinyl Embossed Placemats
703AB-violet  Vinyl Embossed Placemats
702AB-Red  Vinyl Embossed Placemats
702AB-green pink blue  Vinyl Embossed Placemats
702AB-Brown  Vinyl Embossed Placemats
DS04 Tablecloth (Vinyl) (3)
NY-512B  Vinyl embossed tablecloth with lining
NY-514B  Vinyl embossed tablecloth with lining
NR28  Vinyl Long Lace