Our designers know what makes arts & crafts lovers tick! This product display contains some great products for children of all ages! School children and adults will love our colorful glitter glue and rainbow glitter glue. In addition to adding some extra fun to school artwork, the glue can also be used by art lovers at home. We also offer novel perfumed glue, as well as conventional glue sticks. Our glue comes in pen, stick and bottle forms to meet the differing needs of our customers. Another highlight is the popular window color range, which offers numerous decorative possibilities for not only windows and other glass surfaces, but also tiles, wood, etc. Moving on, our lettering guides and stencils come in a range of sizes and specifications, and you can also find complete art sets / kits for children.

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Glitter Glue Pen (23)
1506  3D Sparkler Glitter Glue Pens (11ml)
6506  3D Metallic Gel Pens (11ml)
6560  3D Metallic Gel Pens (11ml)
3506  3D Jewelry Color Pens (11ml)
7506  Glitter Glue Pens (11ml)
7560  Glitter Glue Pens (11ml)
B70012-14  Glitter Glue Pens (11ml)
11036  Rainbow Glitter Glue Pens (20ml)
1203  Rainbow Glitter Glue Pens (6ml)
1605  Rainbow Glitter Glue Pens (11ml)
73124  Glitter Glue Pens (55ml)
7615  Glitter Glue Pens (11ml)
7348  Glitter Glue Pens (10ml)
7141  Glitter Glue Pen (30ml)
7102  Glitter Glue Pens (20ml)
7206P  Glitter Glue Pen Set
7405  Glitter Glue Pens (10ml)
B70010-14  Glitter Glue Pens (10ml)
16052  Rainbow Glitter Glue Pens (11ml)
1236  Rainbow Glitter Glue Pens (6ml)
7236  Glitter Glue Pens (6 ml)
B70055  GLITTER GLUE 55ml
DS02 Glitter Glue (21)
7606  Glitter Glue Pens (11ml)
7660  Glitter Glue Pens (11ml)
1606  3D Sparkler Glitter Glue Pens (11ml)
F13220  Glitter Powder Set
1368P  Glitter Vials
01036  Glow-in-the-Dark Rainbow Glitter Glue (20ml)
11724  Rainbow Glitter Glue (35ml)
71724  Glitter Glue (35ml)
7948  Glitter Glue (20ml)
BGC20-48  Confetti Glitter Glue (20ml)
2700M  Color Glitter & Glue Fun Set
2600B  Glitter Glue Fun Kit
2700N  Glitter & White Glue Fun Set
2900N  Glitter & Glue Stick Fun Set
BGC20-4  Confetti Glitter Glue (20ml)
B70022  GLITTER GLUE 22ml
B70030  Glitter Glue Pens (30ml)
G10006  Rainbow Glitter Glue Pens (6ml)
B70020  GLITTER GLUE 20ml
B70035  GLITTER GLUE 35ml
DS03 Glitter (for Art Use) (11)
13660  Glitter Vials
F11220  Crystal Color Sand Set
1383  Glitter Sprinkles Set (15g each)
FC60025-20  Glitter Powder (2g / jar)
2700R  Glitter & Color Sand Fun Set
13812  Glitter Sprinkles (15g)
13936  Glitter Sprinkles (22g)
F9057  Magic Glitter Art Kit
1381  Glitter Sprinkles (15g)
11836  Color Sand Sprinkles (35g)
13836  Glitter Sprinkles (15g)
DS04 White Glue (7)
W90081  WHITE GLUE EACH 80ml
2700S-1  Color Sand & Glue Fun Set
2700P-1  Glitter & White Glue Fun Set
W90301  WHITE GLUE EACH 300 ml
W90080  White Glue (80ml)
W90055  White Glue Pens (55ml)
W90300 / W90236 / W90118
W90050 / W90035  White Glue Series
DS05 Neon Glue Pen Set (6)
5948  Color Sticker Glue paints(20ml)
5348  Color Sticker Glue Pens (10ml)
N9059  Color Sticker Glue Fun Set
4348  Magic Glow Glue Pens (10ml)
43124  Magic Glow Glue Pens (55ml)
4636  Magic Glow Glue Pens (11ml)
DS06 Coloring Pen (6)
6606  3D Metallic Gel Pens (11ml)
6608P  3D Metallic Gel Pens (11ml)
3608P  3D Jewelry Color Pens (11ml)
6660  3D Metallic Gel Pens (11ml)
3606  3D Jewelry Color Pens (11ml)
3660  3D Jewelry Color Pens (11ml)
DS07 Glue (6)
A701-1  Glue Pen (50cc)
A701-24  Glue Pens (50cc)
A103-36  Ju-Mi Perfumed Glue (25cc)
A777-24  Mucillage Glue (88.5 ml)
A777A-24  Brown Glue (80ml)
A770-12  Bear Glue (100cc)
DS08 Glue Stick (5)
12824  GLUE STICK EACH 36 gm
12636  GLUE STICK EACH 25gm
12236  GLUE STICK EACH 7 gm
12336  GLUE STICK EACH 8.5gm
E12036 36g
E12025 25g
E12007 7g
E12009 8.5g  Glue Stick Series
DS09 Window Marker (4)
8615  Window Color Fun Set
8606  Window Color Fun Set
8206  Window Color Fun Set
H80030-36  Window Colors (30ml)
DS10 Puff Glue Pen Set (3)
2260  Magic Puffy Glue Pens (6ml)
2415  Magic Puffy Glue Pens (10ml)
2406W  Magic Puffy Glue Pens (10ml)
DS11 Craft Sand (3)
11936  Color Sand Sprinkles (50g each)
11812  Color Sand Sprinkles (35g each)
F11010  Color Sand (9g)
DS12 Stencil Ruler (2)
D782357  Stencil Set
D781-D788  Stencils
DS13 Window Color Paint (1)
83924  Window Colors (80ml)