Our product display contains as much diversity as you need from a promotional items manufacturer! Our embroidery skills are applied to patches, tags and keyrings; we even make baseball caps and a waist bag that can have embroidered logos applied. We also produce metal badges, keyrings, medals and medallions, which all have many design options available. Our leather badge holders are the perfect matches for these metal badges; we can make luggage tags from leather as well! High quality gifts are very much our speciality, as you'll see with our tie clips, cuff links and money clips, shown here with military designs. Jewelry is another great option for buyers; the rhinestone brooch and dog tag pendant give you an idea of what our designers can create for you. In addition to our plastic pens, we offer a frisbee and yoyo - universally popular products! Logo printing on these items transforms them into great promotional vehicles.

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Patch (Embroidered) (11)
4  Embroidered Motifs with Stick-On & Iron-On Designs
2  Embroidered Patches
1  Embroidered Patches
05  Embroidered Patch
04  Embroidered Patch
03  Embroidered Patch
02  Embroidered Patch
E  Embroidered Letters
C  Embroidered Patches
B  Embroidered Patches
A  Embroidered Patches
DS02 Badge (9)
9  Metal Badge
6  Metal Badge
10  Metal Pins / Badges
09  Metal Badge
08  Metal Pin / Badge
07  Metal Pin / Badge
J  Award Badges
M  Personnel Badge
G  Metal Badges
DS03 Tie Clip (3)
IMG006  3D Military Tie Clips
06  Metal Tie Clip & Pin
Q  Tie Clips
DS04 Hang Tag (3)
5  Keyrings Embroidered on Both Sides
3  Tags Embroidered on Both Sides
11  Embroidered Patch Tags
DS05 Money Clip (2)
IMG018  3D Military Money Clips
S  Billfold / Money Clip
DS06 Men's Baseball Cap (2)
x  Baseball Caps with Embroidered Logo
V  Baseball Caps with Embroidered Logo
DS07 Medallion (2)
w  Medallion
L  Souvenir Medallions
DS08 Medal (2)
K  Medallions
R  Medal
DS09 Pin (1)
01  Rhinestone Lapel Pin
DS10 Ballpoint Pen (1)
Pen  Plastic Pens
DS11 Frisbee (1)
Frisbee  Frisbees
DS12 Brooch (1)
N  Rhinestone Brooch
DS13 Yo-Yo (1)
Yo Yo Ball  Yo-Yo
DS14 Dog Tag Necklace (1)
10  Dog Tag Necklace
DS15 Men's Cufflinks (1)
IMG007  3D Military Cuff Links
DS16 Luggage Tag (1)
U  Leather ID & Badge Holder
DS17 Waist Bag (1)
Cap & Bags  Cap & Waist Bag Set
DS18 Badge (Metal) (1)
I  Pins / Badges
DS19 Emblem (1)
Y  Car Emblem
DS20 Keychain (Metal) (1)
KR01  Souvenir Keyring