Our hairbrush range has all your needs covered! Vent, cushion, paddle and round / styling types are all included. You can also find some excellent hot curling brushes. Wooden and plastic models are both available and can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. Bristles can be made from a variety of materials, including nylon, and come with or without ball tips. Special brushes, such as ones with ultrasonic welding and one-piece handles, are also displayed here. Additional products include mini hairbrushes and hairbrush-mirror combos, combs and hair dye tint brushes.

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Hairbrush (103)
YF-211-db-c YF-222-db-c  Roll Hair Brush w/half Roll Hair Brush
YF9003-trb YF9003-trb-ebg  Cushion Hairbrush
YF 386-SQ YF 387-SQ YF 3037-SQ  Wooden Hairbrushes
YF 387-0 YF 3037-0 YF 367-0  Wooden Hairbrushes
YF 3061 YF3062 YF3063  Wooden Hairbrushes
Y2533RN  Hot Curling Hair Brush
Y2532PU  Round Hair Brush
Y2401NP-B  Cushion Hair Brush
2402NP-B  Cushion Hair Brush
2404NP-B  Cushion Hair Brush
2405~2407N-B  Cushion Hair Brush
Y2413RNC-RM, Y2411BNC-RMB, Y2412RNC-RMB  Hot Curling Hair Brush
YF9401NP-B 9403  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF860N-BC, YF211DB-C, YF222DB-C  Styling Brushes
YF3037A-RN YF387A-RN  Wooden Hairbrushes
YF362NBA, YF361NBA  Wooden Hairbrushes
YF351H YF352H YF350H  Wooden Hairbrushes
YF9411N-B YF9410N-B  Half Round Brush
YF9404N-B  Vent Hairbrushes
970318-6  Round Hairbrush
970318-5  Cushion Hairbrush
970318-4  Cushion Hairbrush
970318-3  Wooden Hairbrush
970318-2  Wooden Hairbrush
970318-1  Wooden Hairbrush
YE2307  Keychain Hairbrush & Mirror
YF2344RN, YF2345RN  Wooden Hairbrushes
YF01~02  Wooden Hairbrushes
YF2343BW ~ YF2345BW  Wooden Hairbrushes
2040A  Wood Handle Hairbrushes
3  Round Hairbrushes
2  Round Hairbrush
1  Round Hairbrushes
YF9511  Hot Curling Hairbrush
YF9009NP-B  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF964  Round Hairbrush
YF9202NP-BF  Cushion Hairbrush
YF8811  Vent Hairbrush
250  Vent Hairbrush
YF847LN  Cushion Hairbrush
YF847NP-B  Cushion Hairbrush
YF9003NP-B  Ultrasonic Welding Hairbrush
YF9005N-B  Ultrasonic Welding Hairbrush
YF8904P-B  Cushion Hairbrush
YF844DB  Vent Hairbrush
YF2012P-BF  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF9501NP-B, YF9502NB-P  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF751L, YF3048  Wooden Hairbrushes
YF840NP-B  Paddle Hairbrushes
YF2012 NP-BT, YF207NP-BT  Cushion Hairbrushes
G36XL  Wooden Round Hairbrushes
YF9008NP-B  Mini Hairbrush & Mirror Set
A6  Wooden Hairbrushes
YF2124  Hot Curling Hairbrushes
Y2011  Hot Curling Hairbrushes
A1  Wooden Round Hairbrush Set
YF9004N-B, YF9005N-B, YF9107N-B  Ultrasonic Welding Hairbrushes
YF9204N-B, YF9205N-B  Vent Hairbrushes
YF386, YF387, YF3037, YF367  Wooden Hairbrushes
YF9901NP-B, YF9902N-B, YF9903N-B  One-Piece Handle Hairbrushes
YF9201NP-BC, YF9202NP-BC, YF9203NP-BC  Cushion Hairbrushes
Y206N-BC-EB, Y207N-BC-EB, Y230EB  Vent Hairbrushes
YF2031A, YF2033P-B, YF2039P-B, YF2037P-B  Wooden Cushion Hairbrushes
Y2101NP-BC-EB, Y2116NP-BC-EB, Y2102NP-BC-EB  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF9415NP-B, YF839NB-P, YF9416NB-P, YF9417NB-P  Wooden Cushion Hairbrushes
YF9811AB-CR, YF9813AB-CR, YF9812RN-CR  Hot Curling Hairbrushes
Y9008  Mini Hairbrush & Mirror Set
YF9516NP-B  Mini Hairbrush & Mirror Set
Y2307  Mini Hairbrush & Mirror Set
YF833, YF834  Hot Curling Hairbrushes
YF211N-BC, YF8601N-BC, YF2068N-B, YF8061N-B  Cylindrical Hairbrushes
YF8901N-B, YF8902N-B  Cylindrical Hairbrushes
YF8609DB, YF8610DB  Vent Hairbrushes
YF2012P, YF2011P  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF2012NP-BF, YF207NP-BF  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF9001TRB, YF9003NP-B  Ultrasonic Welding Hairbrushes
YF8701P-B, YF8702P-B, YF8702NP-B  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF9907RP-B-HTG, YF9907NP-B-HTG  Assorted Hairbrushes
YF9906RP-B-HTG, YF9906NP-B-HTG  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF9801NP-BC-SQ ~ YF9804NP-BC-SQ  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF9415NP-B, YF9416NB-P, YF839NB-P,   Wooden Cushion Hairbrushes
YF9214NP-BC, YF9215NB-BC, YF9216NB-BC  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF2342  Wooden Hairbrushes
YF2013P-B, YF9905NP-B, YF840NP-B  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF230, YF240, Y2089  Vent Hairbrushes
YF9415NP-B(L), YF9416NP-B(M), YF9417NB-P(S)  Wooden Cushion Hairbrushes
W-116  Wooden Cushion Hairbrushes
81896  Mini Hair Grooming Set
YF250N-B, YF230EB, YF240N-B  Vent Hairbrushes
Y9008  Mini Cushion Brush & Mirror Sets
115A  One-Piece Handle Hairbrushes
YF9911AB-R  Hot Curling Hairbrushes
Y2089N-BC  Cylindrical Hairbrushes
Y2023~Y2028  Hairbrushes
YF230N-B, YF240N-B, YF250N-B  Vent Hairbrushes
YF2013NP-BP  Cushion Hairbrushes
YF9216RP-C  Hairbrushes
YF2013P-BP  Cushion Hairbrushes
Y2016NPC, Y202NPC, Y203NPC  Cushion Hairbrushes
Y206N-B, Y207N-BC, Y209N-BC  Vent Hairbrushes
YF9417NP-B  Wooden Cushion Brushes
YF9216RP-C  Oval Cushion Hairbrushes
YF Mini Brush
YF Mini Mirror  Mini Hairbrushes
DS02 Comb (2)
YF910-C  Comb
0306  Comb
DS03 Tint Brush (1)
C1, C2  Hair Dye Tint Brushes