This product selection is rich in innovation, variety and quality! Our cleaning products make use of super-effective and absorbent microfiber material and include: flat mops, spray mops, sweepers, Easy Brushes (handle and mitt types), dusters, cleaning cloths and wiping cloths. We also have specialist cleaning mitts for car, shoe and blackboard cleaning! For other household needs, we have CD storage cases, an adjustable footrest, and rotary phone stands, document trays and copy holders for the home office. Finally, the kitchen is served excellently by safe can & bottle openers, a magnetic cutting board / knife holder and a ceramic fruit and vegetable peeler.

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Mop (10)
SP-3-2  MOPKING Spray Mop
SB-1  Super Spin Dry Bucket
M-5-2  High Performance Microfiber Mop
M-6-2  Microfiber Mop
M-5-1  High Performance Microfiber Mop
M-1-5  Professional High Performance Microfiber Mop
SP-4-1  Mopking Spray Mop
M-1-1  Flat Mop
SP-3-1  MOPKING Spray Mop
M-6-3  Double-Utilty Floor Mop
DS02 Duster (2)
D-7  Multi-Purpose Holder with Duster Kit
D-6  Mini Dusters with Doggy Hook Feature
DS03 Shampoo Brush (1)
B-1  Carpet Shampoo Applicator
DS04 Swivel Sweeper (1)
M-6-5  Dust Sweeper with Cloth
DS05 Trigger Sprayer (1)
SS-1  Spray Scraper
DS06 Can Opener (1)
12711  Safe 2-in-1 Can & Bottle Opener