Thanks to considerable experience and expertise with aluminum, our product range contains a very diverse selection of items. Business buyers will love our personal organizers, memo and namecard holders, and deluxe attache cases. Travel and leisure are well taken care of, with a fine pilot case, luggage tags and cases for CD and media card storage. Our range of pocket and board games is a real highlight; from magnetic Chinese and western chess to bingo, backgammon, Tangram and dominoes, we have it all! Personal care products are well covered, with vanity boxes, shaving kits, manicure sets and pocket mirrors. All items share the same high quality and highly sought after marketability.

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Personal Organizer (12)
symnova no.4  Aluminum Personal Organizer
symnova no.1  Aluminum Personal Organizer
red  Aluminum Personal Organizer
purple  Aluminum Personal Organizer
orange  Aluminum Personal Organizer
green  Aluminum Personal Organizer
glod  Aluminum Personal Organizer
d.grey  Aluminum Personal Organizer
d.brow  Aluminum Cover Organizer
blue  Aluminum Cover Organizer
black  Aluminum Cover Organizer
Silver  Aluminum Cover Organizer
DS02 Backgammon Set (5)
SY-975PL-B  Backgammon Travel Set
SY-977BC  2-in-1 Backgammon & Chess Set
SY-975ZB  Backgammon Travel Set
SY-934  Aluminum Backgammon Game
SY-978PB  Deluxe Games Set
DS03 Multi Game Set (5)
SY-952AD  Aluminum Chess Travel Set
SY-952PP  PVC Chess Travel Set
SY-935OXP  5-in-1 Games Set
SY-942-6  6-in-1 Games Set
SY-963  Aluminum Magnetic Games Set
DS04 Manicure Kit (5)
SY-912  Aluminum Manicure Set
SY-142  Aluminum Manicure Set
SY-914  Aluminum Manicure Set
SY-925  Aluminum Manicure Set
SY-924  Aluminum Manicure Set
DS05 Domino Set (5)
SY-940P  Pocket Dominoes Set
SY-940AD  Dominoes Set
SY-940PB  Dominoes Set
SY-940SPB  Dominoes Set
SY-940  Aluminum Domino Set
DS06 Board Game (5)
SY-944  Aluminum Magnetic Ludo Game
SY-941  Aluminum Solitaire Game
SY-937  Aluminum Chinese Chess Game
SY-935SV  Aluminum Tangram Set
SY-981  Aluminum Bingo Game
DS07 Shaving Set (4)
SY-923  Aluminum Men's Grooming Kit
SY-916  Aluminum Men's Grooming Kit
SY-913  Aluminum Men's Grooming Kit
SY-182  Aluminum Men's Grooming Kit
DS08 Cosmetic Brush Set (4)
SY-915  Aluminum Make-Up Brush & Manicure Set
SY-915M  Aluminum Make-Up Brush & Manicure Set
SY-918BR  Aluminum Make Up Brush Set
SY-920BR  Aluminum Make-Up Brush Set
DS09 Chess Set (4)
SY-975PL-C  Chess Travel Set
SY-975ZC  Chess Travel Set
SY-961  Aluminum Chess Set
SY-932  Aluminum Chess Game
DS10 Playing Cards (4)
SY-970PP  Pocket Dice Game with Cards
SY-970PRD  2-in-1 Playing Cards & Dominoes Set
SY-970  Playing Card Set
SY-985  Playing Card Set
DS11 CD/DVD Bag (3)
SY-13R  Aluminum CD Holder
SCD-080WR  Aluminum CD Case
SCD-064H  Aluminum CD Case
DS12 Poker Chips (3)
SY-100PL  Poker Chips Set with Cards
SY-100PR  Poker Chips Set
SY-100PH  Poker Chips Set with Cards
DS13 Men's Briefcase (2)
SDA-9008  Aluminum Attache Cases
SWP-901C  Aluminum Pilot Case
DS14 Jewelry Box (2)
SHJ-190R  Aluminum Jewelry Box
SAJ-152  Acrylic Jewelry Box
DS15 Memo Pad (2)
SY-132  Aluminum Memo Pad
SY-130  Aluminum Memo Pad
DS16 Name Card Holder (2)
SY-NO.5  Aluminum Namecard Case
SY-801~804  Aluminum Name Card Holders
DS17 Tic Tac Toe (2)
SY-977OX-C  2-in-1 Tic Tac Toe & Chess Set
SY-935OX  Aluminum Tic Tac Toe Game
DS18 Vanity Box (2)
SDB-240  Aluminum Cosmetic Case
SAB-616  Acrylic Cosmetic Case
DS19 Dice (Aluminum) (2)
SY-931  Aluminum Dice Game
SY-930  Aluminum Poker Dice Game
DS20 Mahjong (2)
SY-032WM  Mahjong Travel Set
SY-003DM  Mahjong Travel Set
DS21 Media Case (1)
SY-5Mx8L  Aluminum Memory Card Case
DS22 Calculator (1)
SY-1020  Calculator
DS23 Darts Game (1)
SY-943  Aluminum Magnetic Darts Game
DS24 Golf Set (1)
SY-939  Aluminum Golf Tee & Marker Sets