We have specialized in manufacturing string and net products for Taiwan's domestic market since the 1960s. Netbridge & Co. was established in 1977 to directly export our own bath products worldwide. We now own factories in both Taiwan and China, and we export hundreds of different bathing items. We believe in our top-notch products, in their quality, marketability and benefit to your company. They are offered at reasonable prices and with the guarantee of prompt delivery.

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Bath Back Brush (7)
WBB4164, WB4032  Wooden Body Brushes
CSS2131B, CS2148S  Sisal & Ramie Back Scrubber & Bath Sponge
BS222A, BS210  PE & Terry Back Scrubber & Bath Sponge
PBB8055, PBB8056  Body & Facial Brushes
A-21  Body Brushes
16  Wooden Nail Brushes
15  Textured Nylon Bath Sponge & Bath Pads
DS02 Bath Scrubber (6)
WBB4034, WBB4036  Wood Body Brushes
BS001-40, BS002A  PE Mesh Sponge, Back Scrubber
PBB8154, PBB8103C  Body & Facial Brushes
BN3070S  Nylon Bath Sponges
A-24  Foam Bath Sponges
4  Foam Bath Sponges
DS03 Bath Gloves (5)
TS1258  PE & Terry Bath Glove
BN3014FB, BN3014A  Nylon Gloves
TSS2040, TSS2054  Sisal, Ramie & Cotton Bath Gloves
BN3014H, BN3014T  Nylon Bath Gloves
14  Nylon Bath Gloves
DS04 Bath Sponge (Loofah) (5)
BL7002F-12  Natural Loofah
BL7027, BL7009F  Natural Loofah Pads
BL7002A  Natural Loofahs
BL7001  Natural Loofah Pad
12  Natural Loofahs
DS05 Bath Sponge (5)
SS2108, SS2118  Sisal, Ramie & Cotton Bath Sponge, Bath Mitt
BN3070C  Nylon Bath Sponge
BS-405B-1, BS449A-12  Foam Bath Sponges
BS162-5, BS162-9  PE Mesh Bath Sponges
BS405B  Foam Bath Sponges
DS06 Nail Brush (4)
WNB4025, WNB4020  Wood Nail Brushes
WNB4020, WNB4027C  Wooden Nail Brushes
A-26  Acrylic Nail Brushes
2  Acrylic Nail Brushes
DS07 Children's Animal Bath Gloves (4)
TS1186-7, TS1186-3  Terry & Ramie Bath Gloves (Animal Designs)
TS1123S-1  Terry & Ramie Bath Mitts (Animal Design)
A-25  Terry / Ramie Animal Bath Mitt & Glove
3  Terry & Ramie Bath Toys (Animal Design)
DS08 Handheld Massager (3)
WM4017B, WM4016B  Wood Massagers
WM400B, WM4001  Wooden Massagers
A-27  Acrylic Massagers
DS09 Foot File (2)
PN6086, PN6067  Manicure & Pedicure Files
PN6025, PN6026  Foot Files
DS10 Bath Towel (2)
RS2015A  Sisal & Ramie Towel
BN3128  Nylon & Terry Towel
DS11 Pumice Stone (2)
PS6020N-10, PS6019N  Pumice Stones
BN6047N-1, BN6047-4  Pumice Stones
DS12 Hairbrush (2)
PHB8156, PHB8120  Hairbrushes
WHB4059, WHB4064  Wooden Hairbrushes
DS13 Hand Mirror (1)
BP8090, PMR8208  Compact Mirrors
DS14 Paddling Pool (Inflatable) (1)
PB5077  Inflatable Kids' Bath / Paddling Pool
DS15 Bathroom Slippers (Terry Cloth) (1)
13  Non-Woven Bath Pads & Slippers
DS16 Bathroom Slippers (1)
BN3127B, BN3176  Nylon Slippers, Terry Flannel
DS17 Bath Gift Set (1)
30  Bathroom Accessory Gift Set
DS18 Bathroom Accessory Set (1)
1-1  Bathroom Accessory Gift Set
DS19 Soap Dish (1)
A-22  Soap Case, Toothbrush Case
DS20 Gel Eye Mask (1)
9  Gel Eye Mask
DS21 Bath Pillow (1)
A-23  Bath Pillow
DS22 Massage Kit (1)
1  Acrylic Massagers
DS23 Shampoo Bottle (1)
PV8053, PV8054  Shampoo Bottle, Soap Tray
DS24 Nail File (1)
11  Nail Files, Toe Divider