This fine selection of high performance stainless steel scissors includes models for all sorts of applications. For professional use, we have barber scissors, electrician's scissors and tailor's scissors / shears. For craft & home DIY, you'll find wallpapering shears, leather scissors, cable strippers, carpet scissors, offset snips and heavy-duty scissors. Other series include stationery scissors, kitchen scissors, garden scissors and multi-functional scissors. Each series includes a variety of sizes, comes with ergonomic handles and offers guaranteed durability.

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Electrician's Scissors (20)
BS-700  7" Heavy Duty Scissors
BS-700A  8" Heavy-Duty Scissors
BS-0127  PVC Pipe Cutter
BS-707  8" Heavy-Duty Scissors
BS-507  5-1/2" Electrician Scissors
BS-705  8" Multi-Function Scissors
BS-706  7-1/4" Cable Scissors
BS-702  7" Heavy-Duty Scissors
BS-700A  7" Heavy-Duty Scissors
BS-506  5-3/4" Technician's Scissors
BS-5068-2  Technician's Tool Kit
BS-5068-1  Technician's Tool Kit
BS-520S  Electrician's Scissors with Sheath
BS-520  5-1/2" Electrician's Scissors
BS-504-1  5-1/2" Electrician's Scissors
BS-503  5-1/2" Electrician's Scissors
BS-504S  Electrician's Scissors with Sheath
BS-504  5-1/2" Electrician's Scissors
BS-702  7" Heavy Duty Scissors
BS-700  7" Heavy Duty Scissors
DS02 Tailor Shear (11)
BS-900  9" Tailor Shears
BS-902  10" Tailor Shears
BS-901  9-1/2" Tailor Scissors
BS-801  8-1/2" Tailor Scissors
BS-800  8" Tailor Scissors
BS-900  12" Tailor Shears
BS-900  11" Tailor Shears
BS-900  10" Tailor Shears
BS-900  9" Tailor Scissors
BS-902  10" Tailor Scissors
BS-901  9-1/2" Tailor Scissors
DS03 Stationery Scissors (6)
BS-603T  6-1/2" Handicraft Scissors
BS-603  6-1/2" Office Scissors
BS-603T  6-1/2" Office Scissors
BS-501T  5-1/2" Office Scissors
BS-501  5-1/2" Office Scissors
BS-603  6-1/2" Office Scissors
DS04 Scissors (Barber) (4)
BS-604  6-1/2" Barber Scissors
BS-602  6-1/2" Barber Scissors
BS-601  6-1/2" Barber Scissors
BS-600  6-1/2" Barber Scissors
DS05 Deep Fryer Basket (4)
FB-1  Small Fryer Basket (Rigid Handle)
FB-2  Large Fryer Basket (Rigid Handle)
FB-4  Large Fryer Basket (Flexible Handle)
FB-3  Small Fryer Basket (Flexible Handle)
DS06 Kitchen Scissors (3)
BS-802  8" Kitchen Scissors
BS-K220  8-1/2" Multi-Function Kitchen Scissors
BS-802  8" Kitchen Scissors
DS07 Carpet Scissors (3)
BS-0142  PVC Pipe Cutter
BS-1100  10" Offset Snips
BS-903  10" Carpet Scissors
DS08 Tea Infuser Ball (2)
TS-2  Tea Ball / Sauce Ball
TS-1  Tea Ball / Sauce Ball
DS09 Boil Basket (2)
BB-2  Boil Basket for Pasta
BB-1  Boil Basket for Pasta (Large)
DS10 Mesh Strainer (1)
Filter 001  Filter
DS11 Garden Shears (1)
BS-704  8" Gardening Scissors
DS12 Leather Scissors (1)
BS-703  8" Leather Scissors
DS13 Wallpaper Scissors (1)
BS-1200  12" Wallpaper Scissors
DS14 Art Knife (1)
BS-508  6-1/8" Cable Stripper