Taiwan Linco was established in 1976, is located in Taipei and currently specializes in all kinds of sequins, glitter and glitter powder. Please take the time to view our product selection here or contact us directly.

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Cosmetic Glitter Powder (17)
TL-10  Glitter Powder
TL-09  Glitter Powder
TL-08  Glitter Powder
TL-07  Glitter Powder
TL-06  Glitter Powder
TL-05  Glitter Powder
TL-04  Glitter Powder
TL-03  Glitter Powder
TL-02  Glitter Powder
TL-01  Glitter Powder
TT03  Glitter Powder
Great for Decorating
GD01  Shiny Sequins (Assorted Shapes)
80B  Glitter Powder
79B  Glitter Powder
71B  Glitter Powder
66B  Glitter Powder
5B  Glitter Powder
DS02 Glitter (for Art Use) (16)
FT201  Whale-Shaped Sequins
FT155  Kitten-Shaped Sequins
FT154  Horse-Shaped Sequins
FT109  Assorted Colored Sequins
FT107  Tree-Shaped Sequins
FT104  Star-Shaped Sequins
FT102  Lip-Shaped Sequins
FT101  Spade-Shaped Sequins
FT300  Sequins for Decorative Packaging and More (Star Shape)
FT150  Quality Assured Colorful Sequins (Butterfly Shape)
TT02  Square Glitter Powder in Assorted Colors
TL02  Bar-Shape Glitter for Greeting Cards and More
TL01  Bar-Shaped Glitter
Available in Assorted Materials
HT03  Multipurpose Hexagon Glitter Powder
HT01  Silver Glitter Powder
GD02  Fancy Glitter in Various Sizes & Colors
DS03 Christmas Tree Decoration (4)
FT302  Sequins in Assorted Colors and Materials (Round Shape)
FT301  Multi-Colored Sequins (Moon Shape)
FT110  Colorful Sequins (Christmas Tree Shape)
FT100  Colorful Sequins (Heart Shape)
DS04 Paillette (3)
FT206  Sea Horse Sequins
FT305  Colorful Sequins (Musical Note Shape)
FT202  Decorative Sequins (Dolphin Shape)