Polaroisin specializes in LED cosmetics and vibrating / oscillation mascara. Our LED range includes LED lip gloss, LED eyeliner, LED nail polish, LED compacts and LED cosmetic packaging. We offer a complete OEM service for private labels and provide cosmetics and packaging of the highest quality.

Polaroisin's team of cosmetics experts is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. We were the first company to combine experts from the ingredients, filling, packaging, design, laboratory research, sales and marketing fields. Together, they enable us to offer a seamless vertically- integrated service.

Sharp sense of fashion and creative ability are two basic elements that ensure success in cosmetics, and Polaroisin is proud to have them both. In the past 3 years, we have developed numerous competitive products, in both color cosmetics and packaging, and many more are coming in the near future. Together with outstanding product design, these qualities have made Polaroisin a leader in Asia's cosmetic industry. Our products are marketed in Asia, America and Europe.

Polaroisin is a pioneer in product development. We not only manufacture our own products, but also create brand images for our clients. Thanks to the efforts of our strong support team, Polaroisin is able to design and develop entire product lines for customers based on individual market needs. To ensure our clients' success, we also provide expert market analysis and consulting services.

Polaroisin offers the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible cost, which makes the products highly competitive in their markets. Quality, creativity and service are the founding principles of Polaroisin, and we are thoroughly professional in everything we do. Each and every aspect of the company's operations conforms to ISO 9001:2000 international quality standards, for which we received certification in 2004.

ODM / OBM Services:
ODM: product & packaging design, testing & manufacturing

OBM: domestic & international brand name development and licensing, CI image designing, product design, functional & visual packaging design, testing, sales planning & production

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Lip Gloss Container (6)
IA-L20  LED Lip Gloss Bottle
IA-L27  LED Lip Gloss Bottle
IA-L22  7-Color LED Lip Gloss Bottle
IA-L21  LED Lip Gloss Bottle
IA-L22  LED Lip Gloss Bottle
IA-L19  LED Lip Gloss Bottle
DS02 Lip Gloss (4)
IA-L32  LED light lip gloss
IA-L19  LED Lip Gloss
IA-001  LED Lip Gloss
IA-L21  LED Lip Gloss
DS03 Nail Polish Bottle (3)
IA-N47  LED Nail Polish Bottle
IA-N25  LED Nail Polish Bottle
IA-N38  LED Nail Polish Bottle
DS04 Mascara (2)
IA001  Vibrating Mascara
IA-21MV  Vibrating Mascara
DS05 Lipstick (1)
IA-L23  LED Lipstick
DS06 Lipstick Case (1)
IA-L23  LED Lipstick Case
DS07 Mascara Container (1)
P51-219  Rotating Mascara
DS08 Eye Shadow (1)
IA-PT24  LED Eye Shadow, Powder Compact