These eyelash & eyebrow make-up products are designed for beauty salons and make-up professionals. We have a line of tattooing / permanent make-up machines, along with a wide range of compatible needles. Our false eyelashes come in flared and indi knot-free styles, with glitter optional. For eyelash perming, we have complete perm kits as well as many different colors of pigment. You can find some acrylic holder racks for the pigment, too. Sa Lin also has complete kits for eyelash extension, together with adhesive and all other relevant tools and accessories.

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Eyelash Extension Kit (3)
FL20001  Eyelash Extension Starter Kit
FL21001~21002  Adhesive
FL21003  Eyelash Remover
DS02 False Eyelashes (21)
FL0008-6~FL0025-15  False Eyelashes
FL1008-6~FL1025-15  False Eyelashes
FLY001-10  Y Eyelashes / 360 pcs (10mm)
SDJ-00~34C  Knot Free Single Eyelashes
SDJ-2~24C  Knot Free Flare Eyelashes
A  False Eyelashes
Eyelashes  Eyelashes
S-006  Knot-Free Indi Lashes with Glitter
S-001~S-005  Knot-Free Flare Lashes with Glitter
FE-A  Feather Eyelashes
FE-B  Feather Eyelashes
FE-C  Feather Eyelashes
A1  Patented Pre-Glued Human Lashes
A2  Human Eyelashes, Regular Eyelashes
A3  Under Lashes
A4  Color Lashes Extension
ED0008  Fashion Eyelashes
EA0002  Patented Pre-Glued Human Lashes
EC0005  Regular Eyelashes
EB0007  Human Eyelashes
DC Series  Tip Lashes in line
DS03 Tweezers (1)
ST00001  Tweezers
DS04 Eyebrow Scissors (1)
SS00001  Eyelash Scissors
DS05 Cosmetic Brush (1)
SB00001  Makeup Brush
DS06 Eyelash Curling Kit (4)
SE10001~SE10006  SA LIN Eyelash Perm Kit
SE00001~SE00006  Eyelash Perm Kit
SE20001~SE20006  LOMANSA Eyelash Perm Kit
SE50003  Dolly's Eyelashes Silicone Pads
DS07 Tattoo Apparatus (9)
AA0001  B-Butterfly Body Tattoo Machine
AA0002  Constellation Body Tattoo Machine
BM-7  Eyebrow Tattoo Machine
BM-10  Lip Tattoo Machine
G-9420  Tattoo Machine
AA0007  Makeup Tattoo Machine
A0009  Permanent Make Up
AA0009  Makeup Tattoo Machine (Black)
AA0008  Makeup Tattoo Machine (Black)
DS08 Tattoo Pen (2)
BBM-1  Manual Pen
BBM-54  Manual Pen
DS09 Tattoo Needles (5)
BPN-1~BFN-6  Flat Needles
BBM-3  Needles
BBM-15  Needles
BBM-16  Needles
G-8201~G-8330  Needles
DS10 Pigment Holder Set (Acrylic) (3)
S00009, S00012  Acrylic Color Stand
AD0023, AD0024  Acrylic Color Stand
S00011, S00014  Acrylic Color Stand
DS11 Tattoo Stencil (2)
S00017 G-8326  Eyebrow Stencils
S00018 BBB-1  Eyebrow Stencil Kit
DS12 Tattoo Pigment (5)
SCA0001~SCA1011  Sulia Pigments
SCB0001~SCB1001  Double Concentrated Pigments
SJB0001  Permanent Eye Liner Pigment (Jet Black)
AF0001~AF1001  Sulia Pigment (20ml)
PG-21~PG-901  Pregel Color
DS13 Tattoo Practice Skin Pad (3)
S00001~S00003  3D Practice Skin Pads
S00004, S00005  TKL Practice Skin Pads
S00006  Practice Skin Pads
DS14 Eyelash Curler (1)
BC0003~BC0007  Eyelashes Curlers
DS15 Eyelash Gel (1)
A  Eyelash More
DS16 Liquid Eyeliner (2)
DEP  Durable Eyebrow Pen
ELP  Eyeliner Pen
DS17 Mascara (2)
B  Mascara
BD0003  Le Vainqueur Mascara
DS18 Nail Polish (Colored) (2)
Nail Gel 15ML  UV Soft Nail Gel
Nail Gel 3ML  UV Soft Nail Gel
DS19 Eyelash Extension Adhesive (2)
EA-B  Eyelash Adhesive
EA-W  Eyelash Adhesive (White)
DS20 Make-Up Remover (1)
PC Series  Clear Gel Series
DS21 Eyelash Growth Liquid (1)
BD0007  Eyelashes Growing Essence