Lucky Chuli Trading Company is a metal manufacturer & exporter of premium gift items and promotions, collections. We always supply to your customers variety items in high quality, delivery on time. Variety Product: Metal badges, pins, bag suspend, crystals bag hanger, mascot charms, coins, medallions, key chains, bookmarks with charms, paper clip, leather keyrings, cuff- links, tie pins, money clips with charms, pendants, brooches, sterling silver rings, golf markers, jewel scarf clips, shwal clips, scarf tubes, name card case, spoons, patch (embroidered).. etc.

Item Category/ Display Room
DS01 Keychain (5)
Promotion Items  Promotion Items
Keychains-3  Keychains
HAN-0002  Metal Keychains
Keychains-2  Genuine leather keychains
HAN-0003  Metal Keychains
DS02 Ballpoint Pen (4)
.  Promotional Pens
no.1  ballpoint pen (shell pen)
no.1  ballpoint pen and key ring gift sets
no.1  metal ball pen
DS03 Women's Scarf Clip (4)
Scarf Tube-1  Scarf Tube
Scarf Rings  Scarf Rings
CLI-0031  Scarf Clips
CLI-0014  Scarf Clips
DS04 Pendant (3)
NO.6  Pendant & Charms
Pendants & Charms  Pendants & Charms
NO. 1  Pendants & Charms
DS05 Golf Marker (3)
Golf Marker  Golf Marker
Golf Marker  Golf Marker
Golf Marker  Golf Marker
DS06 Name Card Holder (3)
.  name card holder
Name Card Cases  Name Card Cases
Name Card Cases-1  Name Card Cases
DS07 Handbag Hanger (3)
HAN-0006  Purse Hangers
HAN-0004  Purse Hangers
HAN-0001  Purse Hangers
DS08 Badge (3)
Badges-3  Badges
Badges-2  Badges
Badges-1  Badges
DS09 Jewelry Box (Pewter) (3)
no.3  trinket box
no.2  trinket box for Christmas
no.1  trinket box
DS10 Money Clip (2)
Money Clips  Money Clips
S-089~S-094  Money Clips
DS11 Souvenir Spoon (2)
Souvenir Spoons  Souvenir Spoons
Souvenir Spoons  Souvenir Spoons
DS12 Bookmark (2)
Bookmarks  Bookmarks
Bookmarks-1  Bookmarks
DS13 Name Badge (1)
.  Name Plates
DS14 Brooch (1)
.  Brooches
DS15 Ring (1)
Rings-1  Sterling Silver Rings
DS16 Men's Cufflinks (1)
.  Cuff-link
DS17 Mobile Phone Charm (1)
MPC-1  Mobile Phone Charm
DS18 Lapel Pin (1)
Lapel Pins-1  Lapel Pins
DS19 Pen Stand (with Globe) (1)
.  desk set