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King Ultrasonic Co., Ltd. --- Ultrasonic Beauty / Healthcare Products. Supplier Profile

King Ultrasonic Co., Ltd. --- Ultrasonic Beauty / Healthcare Products.

Supplier's Introduction
King Ultrasonic was established in 1979, and we manufacture a range of ultrasonic devices for health and skincare, industrial appliances for garment making, and LCD monitors for portable TVs, videophones and other uses. We are based in Wugu, Taipei County, and market our health and beauty products mainly to beauty salons.

The company is proud of its quality guarantees; products are not only covered by guarantee, but we have a global network of 38 representatives available to service the products when needed. King Ultrasonic has also gained a reputation for very reasonable prices that it is eager to maintain. We welcome your enquiries and we would like to find ways that our strong reputation and excellent products can benefit you.

Contact Infomation
No. 8, Wu-Kung 5th Rd., Wu-Ku Industrial Park, Taipei County 242, Taiwan
886-2-2298-0299 (16 lines)
Contact Person
Catherina Chao

Establishing Date
Number of Employees
100 people