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King Ultrasonic Co., Ltd. --- Ultrasonic Beauty / Healthcare Products.


Ultrasonic Beauty Stimulator

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Item Number:
Product Name:
Ultrasonic Beauty Stimulator

Product Features & Description:

It is designed to provide three million ultrasonic vibrations per second at 3MHz. Causing no harm to the facial bones or muscles, the gentle sound waves penetrate the skin, enhancing the heat effect and achieving smooth firm skin when used daily.


* Deep cleansing & removal

3 millions ultrasonic vibrations penetrate the surface of the skin with enhanced heat, removing old & dead cuticle, grime and oily clogging that leads to acne

* Revives skin & smoothens wrinkles

Daily use for 10 to 15 minutes can stimulate cell renewal, firm skin, smoothen wrinkles and enhance elasticity

* Overheat safety protection

* Treatment head is safe and easy to use around the nose or eyelids

* Convenient for beauty care at home or traveling

* Stainless steel head resists chemical corrosion


Power source : 12VDC, 400CmA, Adapter

Power consumption : 5W

Power output : 0.3W / cm2

Frequency : 3MHz

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